Sunday, 28 February 2010

Uber Rock Review for Temple Of The Wasp

Domes Of Silence - 'Temple Of The Wasp' (Self Released)PrintE-mail
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Written by Darrel Sutton
Thursday, 07 January 2010 20:52

1adomes'Temple Of The Wasp' is a short and sweet little blast from UK based Domes Of Silence. Available in a variety of download only formats, this is pretty good lo-fi fayre.

Ploughing a furrow much akin to Pissed Jeans and Girls Against Boys, there is a lot to like in the simplicity of 'Temple Of The Wasp' and supporting track, the live favourite 'Bad Wisdom.'

Driving bass and fuzzed-out guitars are the mainstay of the Domes sound with Sean Parkin's almost Elvis-like croon complimenting the sound well. Give it a spin and support a real DIY release.

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