Sunday, 28 February 2010

Earthdog Promotions Review of Temple Of The Wasp

Its been a long time since their acclaimed first album "Mescaline" was released but considering the serious health issues vocalist Sean Parkin has been battling with, its more than understandable. I hope he pulls through real soon and get back to doing full time what he has a natural talent for which is making head-stomping Stoner Hard Rock music. In the years the band has been together they have been through more than the average band, personal conflicts, serious health problems, addiction and multiple line-up changes but they are back with a new single "Temple Of The Wasp" and they are sounding better than ever. The song is a real groove based stomper which is part Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Atomic Bitchwax and Clutch all given the Domes Of Silence very tight, polished treatment and this band is real tight indeed. The track is catchy, infectious with more groove than just about any band in the genre can muster. The laid back vocal approach adds balance to the fuzzy guitar riffing and dynamic but subtle solo work. The drumming is steady, solid and even has a little cow-bell. The lyrics are excellent as is to be expected from this band, well-thought out and entertaining. The band has a delivery that is hard to ignore, you don't hear to many bands that have this much finesse. The track is in and out in little over three minutes and instantly has you hitting repeat, a great tune. The other track is a the live favorite "Bad Wisdom" and it kicks ass but has a different groove than the first track. It has a more of a 70's "Iggy And The Stooges Raw Power" groove going on with a energetic, more eclectic sound. Once again, the delivery of vocals and shredding pure rock riffing is so in tune with each other, it is a instant keeper even though it has such a Classic Rock you may think you have heard it before somewhere. The production sheen is outstanding and has a slightly more heavier sound than the debut album did. You can call it Stoner, Sludge, Punk Rock, Psyche or give it any tag you want but this is just Rock Music the way it was meant to be played, with groove, passion, feeling and energy. Check it out. 10/10

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