Sunday, 28 February 2010

Loud Howls Stoner/Doom Alldayer

On April 10th and 11th they will be hosting the inaugural Loud Howls Festival at The Gaff, Holloway Road, London. This two day event is set to showcase the finest in underground stoner/doom/sludge/psych and classic rock.

The Saturday will be mainly given over to stoner/psych and classic rock and will be headlined by Sun Gods In Exile from Portland, Maine whose debut album was released to rave reviews last year on Small Stone Records. Also appearing on the Saturday will be dirty rock and rollers Grifter, offbeat grunge stoners End of Level Boss, psychedelic blues doomsters Alunah, desert rockers Domes of Silence, Welsh stoners Suns of Thunder, experimental instrumentalists Bodukwe, psych jammers Stubb, trippy doom from Obiat and full throttle stoner from Dusteroid.

Saturday will also feature a surprise after show performance that is shrouded in secrecy!!!

Sunday is mostly given to Sludge and doom and will be headlined by Stoke noise merchants Charger. Also appearing will be true doom from Witchsorrow and Serpent Venom, sludgey doom blues from Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight, nasty sludge from Koresh, Dead Existence, Berserkowitz and Dopefight, psychedelic noise from Astrohenge, angular post metal from Gorse and wizard obsessed stoner thrash from Invasion.

Orange Goblin will also be providing their highly entertaining metal disco skills across the weekend!!!

Tickets are priced at £8 per day and available from

for Saturday

for Sunday

Doors open 13.00 on Saturday with bands from 14.00 and at 12.00 on Sunday with bands from 13.00.

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