Thursday, 9 September 2010

Buried in Smoke Presents Night Setlist

1/Los Siete
2/This Junkyard
3/Temple Of The Wasp
4/Misfortunate Woman
5/Hunter S T
6/Bad Wisdom
7/Burning Heart

Dumbfest Setlist

1/Los Siete
3/Temple Of The Wasp
4/This Junkyard
5/Misfortunate Woman
6/Hunter S T
8/Bad Wisdom
9/Burning Heart

Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Review from Metalteam.UK

Artist: Domes of Silence
Title: Hunter ST
Type: 3 track single
Label: Silver Bhudda Recordings

It’s a novelty to be given something as short as less then 14 minutes to review, and in the case of this 3 track CD from Oxford’s own stoners in residence Domes of Silence, an unexpected pleasure. The lead track is ‘Hunter S T’, as evinced by the excellent cartoon of the gonzo king himself on the CD, complete with iconic cigarette holder, hat and glasses. As befits the man himself, the track is a fuzz heavy psychedelic trip of a song, the drone and distortion being an excellent aural accompaniment to lava lamps and chemical relaxation, not of course that this review site would ever advocate such a thing.

‘EJM’ follows, upping the psychedilia index with heavy, low, repetitive bass and drums, layered with looping guitars. On top of this, vocalist Sean Parkin contributes Jim Morrison-esque lyrics with an added punk snarl. This taster for the band’s upcoming album rounds of with ‘Nightbus’, a simple, unpretentious number that sounds like it was inspired by the garage rock sounds of the likes of MC5 or The Stooges.

There really is a lot to like in ‘Hunter ST’, and if the album it precedes comes up to the same standard, it could well be a stoner classic.

Spenny Bullen