Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lords Of Metal.NL Review for Temple Of The Wasp

Domes Of Silence - Temple Of The Wasp

file under Stoner

The British Domes Of Silence previously released their full-length ‘Mescaline’, and since then struggled with line-up changes, addiction and illness. As a definitive sign of new found vitality the band released a 2-track demo, ‘Temple Of The Wasp’.

The title-track gives a great image of the way the band is heading and proves to be a damned catchy tune. Clocking in just under three and a half minutes it combines a great swing (with cowbell!) with a vulgar-sounding, retro guitarsound. The vocals are not exactly powerful, but that only adds to the space-ness of Domes of Silence. B-side ‘Bad Wisdom’ is said to be the bands live-favourite, but is doomed to be quickly replaced by ‘Temple Of The Wasp’! - Temple Of The Wasp

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