Tuesday, 24 August 2010

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Domes Of Silence – Temple Of The Wasp [Single]

‘Temple Of The Wasp’ is a short blast of hostile desert rock grooves, from the Oxford based band.

The singles title track with its driving bass and fuzzed out guitars, incorporates the best bits of Raw Power-era Stooges with a ferocious blend of heavy metal.

Sean Parkin’s vocal croon adds to the garage rock groove, and are very reminiscent of the daredevil vocals of Iggy Pop.

‘Bad Wisdom’, the second track on this release is a four minute blast of early pounding Queens Of The Stone Age distorted rock, backed by Fu Manchu’s energetic rhythm section. The track has its roots firmly planted in California’s Palm Desert.

Parkin’s passionate and now, instantly recognisable self-assured vocals, sprawl across the desert with self-vigour and commendable attitude: “I live with what I lust, I live with what I trust.”

Domes of Silence are an impressive ensemble, whose garage rock juggernaut is set to burn a hole through the deserts barren landscape.


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