Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A New Review from Chybuccasounds.com

Domes of Silence – Hunter ST [Single]

Release Date: 2010

Record Label: Silver Buddha Recordings

Domes of Silence from Oxford, consist of: Sean Parkin (vocals), Charles Lane (bass), Alex Lane (drums) coupled with the twin guitars of Carl Bickey and Richard Aitken is the latest band on the UK hard rock scene to catch our attention here at Chybucca Sounds.

The five-piece play hard-fuzzed out rock, mixed in with a cocktail of 70’s punk. The bands first single ‘Hunter ST’ is named after (and is also about) the author Hunter S. Thompson. The track is a lesson in how to play fuzzed out groove rock with the right way.

Clocking in at just over four and a half minutes, vocalist Sean Parkin’s distinct Iggy Pop crossed with Morrissey-esque croon on lyrics such as: “When I’m down, I walk the line, Hunter Thompson in my mind” give the Domes their signature sound.

Guitarist’s Bickley and Aitken bring the solid, meaty riffs, while both Alax and Charles Lane hold the bands sound together with a tight rhythm section.

Domes of Silence, will ultimately be lumped into the ‘stoner rock’ area of the genre, however from the evidence of the bands first single, the Domes have to a lot more to offer the alternative rock scene, as well as the underground punk scene.

Recommended for fans of: Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Lowrider.


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