Monday, 19 July 2010

A review from Brutalism

Temple Of The Wasp
Track Listing:
  1. Temple Of The Wasp
  2. Bad Wisdom

Short but sweet. Although Temple Of The Wasp is certainly a very short single released by Domes Of Silence, the music is more than enough to get excited about. This United Kingdom five piece take the best of groove rock and old school heavy metal and put it together for quite a ride. The single "Temple Of The Wasp" features plenty of catchy riffs and a very blues laden solo. The drums are laid back and rhythmic, but aren't lazy. The bass is cranked way up in that garage fuzz style, but it just adds to the groove haze tha surrounds the music. Vocals are a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Glen Danzig, and even the music at times sounds like they borrowed a riff or two from them. "Bad Wisdom" features a bit more distortion and buzzing guitar work that bring to mind the music of Queens Of The Stone Age. This is certainly a hell of a blues rock track and extremely energetic.

If Temple Of The Wasp is just the beginning, then the full album should be pretty exciting. There doesn't seem to much filler here with what the band can accomplish. Hopefully listeners will see more rock n' punk blues from these guys very soon.

Label Name:
Self released

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